Photographs of installation☆

写真集目次 Contents

庭のデッキに取り付けた事例 ・・・ Case which is mounted ondeck in the garden
官公庁宿舎 ・・・The family dormitory of Government and municipal offices
大阪高裁 ・・・The family dormitory of Osaka high court
大蔵省関東財務局 ・・・The family dormitory of Ministry of Finance Kanto Bureau of Finance
インド大使館宿舎 ・・・The India embassy lodgings
病院 ・・・Hospital
コモド採用(ダイナシティ・他) ・・・Comodo use example(Dynacity and another)
警視庁独身寮 ・・・Single dormitory in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
別荘 ・・・Villa
新宿の某高級高層マンションの室内 ・・・Room of high-level,Apartment house in Shinjuku
室内用(竹製) ・・・Inside of room (made of bamboo)
ガレージ及びゲート ・・・Garage and gate
新築 ・・・New construction
通風機能があるため(取替) ・・・For ventilation function use(Exchange)
以前に付いていて非常によかったためサイド新築に付けた。 ・・・It was installed in building once again because it was installed before,and it was very good.
浴室につけました。 ・・・It was installed in the bathroom.
取付スペースがなく他商品では取付不可能な場所に付けた。 ・・・It installed it in the place that was not able to be installed with other commodities because there was no installation space.
シャッターBOXをはずさず取付けた事例 ・・・Case where shutter BOX is not removed and installed
25年前の分譲住宅(旧型) ・・・Condominium of 25 years ago (old model)
台風強風対策として(沖縄) ・・・As a typhoon strong wind measures (Okinawa)
(夏、室内温度が高くなる) ・・・Because it gets much sunlight (The indoor temperature rises in summer)
長いサイズ(15m)に取付けた事例。 ・・・Case installed in long size (15m)
戸袋をそのままにして取付けた事例。 ・・・Case where door case is left just as it is and installed
新築マンションに取付けた事例。 ・・・Case installed in newly built condominium
既存のマンション公団の取付け事例。 ・・・Installation case with existing apartment house public corporation
(平成12年4月27日〜30日:東京ビッグサイト<警視庁ブース>) ・・・2000 good living show (27〜30 April, 2000: Tokyo Big sight < Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department booth >)
防犯テスト ・・・Crime prevention test
衝撃試験 ・・・Impact test

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